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Effect of solvent on catalytic performance of anhydrous catalyst in acetylene dimerization to monovinylacetylene
Jianguo Liu, Minghan Han, Zhanwen Wang
Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China

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Abstract The production of monovinylacetylene (MVA) through Cu(I)-catalyzed acetylene dimerization reaction was performed in different reaction media. Based on the analyses of crystals precipitated from the catalyst solution and UV-Vis spectra of the catalysts, the reaction mechanism and solvent dependence were studied. The highest yield of MVA can be obtained when dimethylformamide is used as solvent because of its strong coordination ability to Cu(I). The activation of C≡C bond is presumed to be improved when the catalytic metal ion is coordinated by a solvent with less steric hindrance and electron-rich coordination atom. The results of the present study provide a possible way to accelerate the metal-catalyzed homogeneous reaction of alkyne substrates through careful selection of a solvent.
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Jianguo Liu
Minghan Han
Zhanwen Wang
Keywordsacetylene   monovinylacetylene   dimerization reaction   solvent     
Received: 2012-04-15;

This work was supported by the National Basic Research Program of China (No. 2009CB219901).

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Jianguo Liu, Minghan Han, Zhanwen Wang .Effect of solvent on catalytic performance of anhydrous catalyst in acetylene dimerization to monovinylacetylene[J]  Journal of Energy Chemistry , 2013,V22(4): 599-604
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